SGA Treasury Board Discusses Funding for Women of CUA, Arabic Club, and Home Away From Home

By Thomas Holmes and Noelia Veras

Women of CUA, Arabic Club, and Home Away From Home all presented in front of the Student Government Association (SGA) Treasury Board petitioning to gather funds for their respective events on Monday, February 4, and all received the money they asked for. Several other people were in the room observing the meeting like SGA President Jimmy Harrington and members from Program Board.

Siobhan Ferguson, the representative for Women of CUA, was aiming to get funding for the viewing of “Battle of the Sexes,” a movie focused on the iconic sexism-fueled tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs in 1973. Women of CUA is a club dedicated to empowering women and other minorities. Ferguson explained that the organization’s motivation for showing the film was its basis on real life events and that it supports the clubs mission of endorsing women’s rights. The showing will be on February 6th in Hannon 108 from 7 to 10 pm, and the event is open to all Catholic University students. Most of the funding is for movie rights, but the club did request money for snacks, asking for a total of $353.38. In previous semesters Women of CUA showed the films “Hidden Figures” and “Avengers Infinity War.”

Sophomore Michael Principato from the Arabic Club returned to present in front of Treasury Board regarding their 1001 Arabian Nights cultural event scheduled for February 19 in Opus Hall. This was the second week in a row that the  club presented because it wanted to clarify its budget and why it was asking for the specified amount of money. The club asked for a total of $186.32. Treasury Board will often call clubs back if the plans for spending on the event are vague. Principato gave a short talk and the board seemed to have little hesitation for the budget.

The last presentation was given by Elizabeth Erickson and Jean Higgins from Home Away From Home, petitioning for funds for their Midwest themed event. The club’s purpose is to provide a safe-haven for those who feel homesick and miss their respective towns. Since the theme is Midwestern, the event is tailored to those who come from that area, providing pie and facilitating polka dancing lessons. Most of the funding is needed for the provision of pies, and the club asked for a total of $167.89.

The Treasury Board asked each group questions regarding the number of people attending each event, whether the location was booked in advance, and advertising techniques that the clubs were utilizing. In contrast to the usual eight clubs that presented to the board, only three presented on Monday, making for a uncharacteristically succinct meeting.

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