Getting Back On the Grind

By Katherine Kaderabek

With the New Year comes new experiences and, of course, the “new me” that many strive to achieve. But this year, 2019 will be different. Throw out that old expression “new year, new me” and trade it for the manta “New Year, better me.” 2019 is all about improving on the foundations you already have.

Here in Washington D.C., this is very possible and surprisingly easy. Working out does not necessarily mean spending all your time in a gym. D.C. provides many locations for a great workout.

The most obvious location is centered around the Mall. There is 2.3 miles between the Capitol building and the Lincoln Memorial, meaning the entire rectangle provides a solid 4.6 mile hike that will definitely warm up the muscles.  

Rock Creek Trail totals ten miles around scenic D.C. The ten mile trail is excellent for fans of running, walking, or biking and provides the perfect place to segment workouts. The best time to run is Saturday mornings, not only because of safety reasons, but also because the early morning sweat session will leave your blood pumping and calories burning for the rest of the day.

If smaller workouts are more your style, there are two prime locations that will definitely make your legs feel the burn. The Exorcist Stairs and the Watergate Steps are two of the most iconic staircases in Washington D.C. For fans of the supernatural, the Exorcist Stairs are located in Georgetown. The Watergate Steps can be done in tandem with a nice Mall workout as they are located behind the Lincoln Memorial.

For those who despise running and are too impatient for walking, the D.C. Bikeshare program is the best way to remain active in the city. One thirty-minute ride only costs $2 and a 24-hour day pass costs $8.

For more dedicated members, there is an $85 yearly pass for the Bikeshare program. A $2, or even an $8 workout costs much less than pesky gym fees. The outdoor activity also increases intake of necessary vitamin D which maintains healthy bones in the body.

Staying healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle can occur anywhere in the city – even on the metro. Taking the left side of the escalator to walk up is a step in the right direction. Every extra effort counts and eventually, those two flights of stairs will add up to toned legs and a better you.

And finally, for all CUA students there is the beloved Rhode Island Challenge. This challenge is not for the faint of heart and has become a CUA tradition only to be completed under proper discretion.

The challenge takes place at the Rhode Island Ave Metro stop. It entails hanging from the overhead bars of the car, feet lifted off the ground. The challenge begins from the moment the doors close at Rhode Island Ave to when they open at the Brookland-CUA stop.

From scenic monuments to metro stops to city streets, Washington D.C. provides many opportunities for outdoor self-improvement. The foundations to make 2019 the best year yet are already in place. It is time to get back on the grind.

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