What Did Catholic U Students Do For Halloween?

By Noelia Veras

This is a continuation of the “Man On The Street” interview series. College is a strange time to celebrate Halloween. While too old to go trick or treating, navigating the holiday is a trick in itself. Here is how Catholic U students celebrated in 2018. We asked students how they celebrated at home, how they plan on celebrating here, and what they dressed up as.

Matthew ChaviraSophomore, Hispanic Studies and Education studies

“As a child Halloween was a big deal. My family would invite a bunch of people over and my mom would always make a pot of chili. We would carve pumpkins and watch many scary movies like Halloween. This year, I will be celebrating in the Cellar at Cellar Night. I will be wearing a Monsters Inc onesie.”

Allyson KirbyFreshman, Exploratory Business major

“I would hand out candy to little kids on Halloween. I’m going to a party and I’m dressing up as a witch.”

Carolien MorrisFreshman, English major, Spanish minor

“In my neighborhood, a big part of Halloween was actually the night before—  mischief night. My four friends and I would go out for good natured fun that was a neighborhood tradition and throw toilet paper in the trees. The next night on Halloween we would go out with our costumes and view our workmanship from the night before.”

Gemma Del CarmenFreshman, Politics major

“When I was in Texas I celebrated Halloween by dressing up for the kids in my neighborhood and giving them candy as they trick or treated. Im celebrating it this year by dressing up with my friends and taking fun photos! Im dressing up as a deviled egg this year.”

Regina VaheyFreshman, Biomedical Engineering major

“My friends and I did group costumes, and they came to my house to help me give out candy to the trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood. I am celebrating it now by studying in the library because the grind never stops. I also volunteered at Halloween on Campus and painted a pumpkin at Fright Night. I was a llama for Halloween on Campus.”

Maureen McGarrySophomore, Biomedical Engineer major

“At home I’d celebrate by going trick or treating with my sister and cousins, and having dinner with my grandmother. Halloween on campus is a fun way to get in the Halloween spirit. also, one of my best friends birthday is on Halloween so we usually take her out to dinner to celebrate. For Halloween on campus, I dressed up as a giraffe.”

Sofia CabreraFreshman, International Business major

“I didn’t go out on Halloween, Puerto Rico is crazy. This year I’m going to a party and I’m going to be a race girl.”

Jack MurrayFreshman, Business major

“I went trick or treating treating at home, but when I got older I passed out candy. This year I’m not celebrating Halloween, except for Halloween on campus which I dressed up as Clark Kent for.”

Lindsey TuftsSenior, Theology major

“At home I’d celebrate Halloween each year by going trick or treating. Now, in college, I usually go to parties, this year I’m going to a party and dressing up as Tinkerbell”

Kiera KeneallyFreshman, Architecture major

“In Maine I would celebrate Halloween each year by either trick or treating or some years I would go to Strawberry Bank in New Hampshire, which was just trick or treating at historic homes. This year I am going trick or treating with friends and dressing up as an Incredible.”

Kate YanikFreshman, Architecture major

“Back home I would go out with my friends, and I would take my little sisters out to trick or treat. This year I already went out to a party and I was dressed up as an angel.”

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