Soulful Seashore: A Poem

By Georgi Nigro


Their crashing sounds ignite my soul,

The mist of the ocean sprays on me,

Saving me.

It is as if sitting here is healing me.

Healing me from the hurt the world brings me,

The devastation and constant disappointment.

This escape.

Sitting on the sand,

Hair blowing in the soft breeze,

Hitting against me,

Staring out into the beautiful big unknown,

This place has became my medicine.

My drug.

As if running into this blissful unknown,

Jumping in,

Letting it consume me.

As if the high I get from it as I arise out of it,

Is the high that keeps me sane.

Without this place,

Insanity would take its toll on me.

The peacefulness.

So still,

Yet still so captivating.

The serenity it brings kisses my lips,

Leaving me starstruck.

Staring more in depth into what is out there,

Waiting for me.

I am intrigued by its beauty,

Amazed by its mystery,

Fascinated by what it brings me,

Fills me,

Gives me,


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