Dance: A Poem to Help You Be Less Stressed This Finals Season

Courtesy of Program Board. Students let loose at a Program Board event

By Georgi Nigro


All of the bottled up emotions,

All of the feelings,

That I keep inside,

Sitting as a burden in my chest,

Is uplifted and removed,

When the music begins

and my body begins to flow,

Starting the engine inside me,

Inhaling its air,

Exhaling the worries,

The stress that consumes me,


What is left is me,

And my movements.

With every move,

With every step,

And every breath,

Is a feeling,

A Thought,

Or even words that I fail to say,

Or express.

This is a language,

That I speak fluently.

Maybe it is my native language,

Maybe it’s my savior,

Or maybe it is my happiness.

The only thing,

That brings me sanity,

In this chaotic world we live in.

This is artwork.

Not created by paint,

But by bodies and emotions,

Being executed,

In a different way.

But this art is addicting,

This obsession is overwhelming,

And beautiful,

It is all I crave,

My passion.

It understands me,

And saves from those,

Who do not.

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