A Night in Paris at the New International Spy Museum

Courtesy of International Spy Museum

By Rachel Stevens

Catholic University’s 2018 Mistletoe Ball is a tradition each year. This year, tickets sold out the fastest they’ve sold in many years. This may be due to the popular announced venue. Some students are looking to even buy tickets second hand with a price increase.

Program Board is hosting Mistletoe Ball on Saturday December 1 from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. at the International Spy Museum at L’Enfant plaza. This year’s theme is Christmas in Paris. Tickets are currently sold out as of Saturday November 17.

The venue this year at the International Spy Museum will give students a view of Washington D.C’s monuments and bustling city from a heated rooftop tent. This unique venue has been drawing in a lot of ticket sales from students.

Tickets were sold for $30 each. The venue this year was chosen because, “From the moment I stepped foot in the ballroom and saw the views that this venue provided, I immediately knew that this was the spot for Mistletoe Ball. This venue is a type  that Program Board has never done before for Mistletoe Ball. I knew I wanted Mistletoe Ball to be at a museum of some sort from the beginning. It’s different and amazing. I think we definitely lucked out with this venue location!” Alex Ramirez said.

Alex Ramirez is a member of program board and the primary planner for the event. Venues in the past have included Union Market, L’Enfant Plaza Hotel, and the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel. The rooftop view of the monuments make this location stand out from locations in years past.

The International Spy Museum is located a short walk from the L’Efante Plaza metro station on the yellow and green line.

Program Board has been officially planning this event since the end of June 2018, but began brainstorming in April. A lot of hard work and careful planning goes into this event. The program board team is made up of 28 students. Each program board member has their own specific position and duties.

The theme of A night in Paris was one of the easiest aspects of planning according to Ramirez.

“I’ve always had an obsession with anything Paris related since I was younger. Plus I feel like nothing screams more holiday season than a snowy evening with the Eiffel tower in the background.” Ramirez said. After choosing the theme, Ramirez focused on catering food for over 600 hungry college students.

“Catering by far is the hardest aspect in planning an event the size of Mistletoe Ball. Not only do you have to make sure you can feed over 600 people, but we also have to be conscious in accommodating those with dietary restrictions. Taking into consideration that we have to make sure we stay within our budget,” Ramirez said.

Many students go all out with their attire from tuxedos to ball gowns, Catholic U is sure to show how well they clean up. With tickets sold out, this event will be a packed night of dancing, eating, and memory making.

“Some people from my LC might be going but I bought my ticket early so I could go because of the cool venue. My OA’s also talked the Mistletoe Ball up pretty well so I had wanted to go since they had mentioned it. So currently I think I’m going by myself. But I’m excited for the views and all of what to see at the venue, along for the celebration! Also, I probably will know someone there so I’m looking forward to it. Just need to figure out still plans of how I will get there but will happen soon. This city is still so new” Rachel LeMelle, a freshman marketing and theology major said.

“As a senior, I am so excited to attend my final Mistletoe Ball. The Spy Museum is going to look so festive and decorated and it’s right in downtown DC! Plus, the food is always the highlight of the dance.” Tess Plaza, a senior media and communications major said.

The museum typically sells tickets for $22 admission for the day and has many interactive exhibits. Currently, there is a 007 James Bond exhibit on display in the museum.

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