Why Catholic University?

Interviews by Freddy Burke

  1. “I applied to CUA because there was a great opportunity to be exposed to an educational experience that wasn’t hostile to religion and stile exposed me to different ideas and opinions.”   – Elizabeth, Class of 2020, History and Philosophy/Pre-Law
  2. “The nursing school has a good reputation here at Catholic and I heard that this year that 100% percent of the nursing school passed their HESI. I also love the location of campus and D.C.”         – Kelsey, Class of 2022, Nursing
  3. “I wanted to apply to Catholic because it is the only college I knew that had rigorous academics and isn’t competitive. I saw how there was a focus on holiness and how the people here were good to each other. “ – Jeanne Marie, Class of 2020, Theology
  4. “I applied to CUA because no other campus fostered the same sense of community or made me feel like I was already at my new home away from home.”                                                                       – Ally, Class of 2020, Political Science and History
  5. “I discovered my love for CUA on Odyssey Day, when I heard the head of the English department Daniel Gibbons, speak. During his introduction he spoke very quietly but then he started to read a passage from a famous work of literature. In his reading he spoke with such passion and conviction that I knew CUA was the only school where I could study literature.                                    – Caroline, Class of 2020, English
  6. “When I first toured Catholic, I loved the environment of the campus and I love DC. I received a scholarship, so I knew from that moment on that I wanted to spend my four years here.”               – Karlie, Class of 2019, Education
  7. “I chose to come to Catholic University because of two things: Gibbons Hall looks like Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series and I saw a group of sisters playing Frisbee on the Basilica Lawn. It make me feel so happy to see such a friendly environment.”                                                                    – Rachel, Class of 2021, Political Science
  8. “I was really unsure what college I wanted to go to but I knew I wanted to study business. I told my parents that I wanted to go to a Catholic college because I wanted to deepen my faith. When I visited campus for the first time during Cardinal Preview Day, I knew the best fit for me would be The Catholic University of America.”                                                                                                           – Katherine, Class of 2022, Management
  9. “I came to Catholic University because I wanted to study philosophy and I am a Catholic.”                 – Anthony, Class of 2020, Philosophy
  10. “ applied to CUA because of the campus, the access to the Basilica, and I love the social aspects of the school as well as the numerous programs done with Program Board, especially Fall Festival and Luaupalooza.”                                                                                                                                – Katie, Class of 2021, Marketing


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