Why Catholic U?

Catholic University students studying on the Pryz Lawn. Courtesy of catholic.edu

By Theresa Whitfild

Gemma del Carmen – Politics Pre Law Class of 2022

“Both of my parents are immigrants, so I never had a lot of U.S. connections. I felt like all the kids around me were talking about how “Oh my grandfather went here” or “My parents went here” or “I’m a legacy at this high school.” So I never had any connections in the US, except for CUA, where my grandfather was a member of the Class of 1960. He was an architecture major, so I grew up hearing about Gibbons Hall, and the McMahon mailroom, and my grandfather being in the fraternity and things like that, but I never thought I would come here. Then, my dad wanted to come visit because he wanted to see where his dad went to college, so we went to visit my senior year and I absolutely fell in love with it, and now I’m here.”


Regina Vahey Biomedical – Engineering Class of 2022

“I came to CUA because I liked the city aspect of it. I also liked the engineering program because it is small and more personal, and they really try to help you get through it, and I liked that it is a research university, but also a liberal arts school.”


Joseph Keller IV – Politics Class of 2022

“I loved the campus, and I knew that coming to Washington D.C. would be the most practical fit for my major and my profession that I want to do. I was unsure until the last day I could decide, but I thought back to my Odyssey Day. The only times I visited Catholic U were in the pouring rain, and I really liked it, so seeing Catholic in the sun really made the decision for me. As ridiculous as it sounds to have weather as a factor, it certainly was for me. And finally, it was the best financial move.”


Kali Tanguay – Architecture Class of 2022

“I loved the city, campus, and the opportunities presented in the city, but it also had the great feel of a rural campus so it was kind of like the best of both worlds.”


Alli-Jae Nikolai – Broadcast Journalism Class of 2022

“I came here because of the amazing opportunities D.C. has to offer with my major, as well as the amazing Catholic identity that Catholic University has.”


Christopher Vitale – English Class of 2022

“I came here because I visited when I was ten and I remember seeing the Basilica, but I didn’t know about the school. Then, my mom reminded me about the Basilica and told me about the school, and I went and checked it out, and I came and visited, and I loved it.”


Sarah Castagno – Nursing Class of 2022

“I came to Catholic because of the great faith atmosphere, and also I knew that their nursing program was really good and I’d get a lot of opportunities.”


Isabella Ramon –

Nursing Class of 2022

“I came because of the faith aspect, and because of the nursing program and the opportunities I will be able to receive as a junior and senior and because of the city; I love D.C.!”

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