Camelot Comes to Life at the Newseum

By Daniela Sol

The Jackie Kennedy quote, “there will be great presidents again, but there will never be another Camelot,” resounds in the hearts of the American people to this day. The Newseum has created a corner where the essence and intimate details of one of America’s most beloved presidential couples transcends the elegance and beauty of Jackie and JFK. The exhibit named, “Creating Camelot: The Kennedy Photography of Jacques Lowe,” shows an exhibit of pictures taken by historic photographer Jacque Lowe.
It is believed that Lowe’s photography of the Kennedys is one of the reasons this couple was so enchanting for the public. Lowe’s photos document Kennedy’s rise to power, from his 1958 Senate re-election campaign to his election as President of the United States. But, most importantly, the pictures show intimate scenes of the Kennedys at home.
This is the reason why this collection of images is so special. Through them you can see the true essence of the Kennedys. Lowe did an excellent job capturing the elegance and delicate touch Jackie so naturally exuded as well as the youthful yet bold demeanor of JFK.
Pictures of intimate moments plus appearances in the public show a contrast that was so popularly discussed about the couple, especially with regards to Jackie. The way Lowe managed to display her iconic style and good taste while at the same time showing her humanity is a wonder seen in the Camelot series pictures.
It is no surprise how Jackie, from one day to another, was addictive to the public eye. America, when she became first lady, could not get enough of her. All women in America where obsessed with her French decorating and her timeless style. As a pivotal couple in an era of growth for the media, The Kennedys could’ve not come in a better time.
As seen in the exhibit, Lowe’s photography displays just that. A young couple that represented such a “perfect” American lifestyle was crucial to the media evolution happening in the time. With instances like the pictures captured by the photographer, which put the couple in the eyes of the public, the essence of Camelot and the addictive youthfulness of the couple reached the hearts of the American people and history.
Observing into the windows created by Lowe, it is hard not to feel closer to a time in history that was so defining in the hearts of so many. You began to feel as if you knew who the Kennedys were.
There’s a picture of Kennedy doing an interview in his sunglasses in the Air Force One, and the caption explains how he was best known for doing interviews in a relaxed, on-the-go environment. Lowe’s picture captured just that. Plus, it showed the undeniable coolness the Kennedys brought to the white house.
Every shot of Jackie, whether they display her famous pearl necklaces or her Georgetown home, makes the viewer understand and feel who Jackie was.
The exhibit will be open until January 7th, 2018 and tickets are sold both online and at the museum’s entrance. Do not miss this wonderful photograph series of two of America’s icons.


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