Oktoberfest Feels in Washington, D.C. 

by Daniela Sol
         As spring has officially settled in the District, beer gardens are blooming to their fullest potential. As the semester ends and good weather reigns, the need for a cold beer is a top priority. To celebrate that last term paper submitted, that last final exam taken, and final all-nighter, Dacha Beer Garden at 7th street is a great place to relax and enjoy the company of good friends.
         With magnificent wall art, good energy, and fine craft beer, the place offers nothing but delight and enjoyment. Dacha beer garden has a variety of handcrafted beers, from classic Pale Ales to “Fruit Age” fruit beer, to strong Belgian ales. Paired with the unique flavors of crafted beers Dacha has created their own unique branding. Together with your choice of beer includes a unique glass with the iconic wall art painting of the famous Elizabeth Taylor displayed in Dacha’s main wall.
         There’s two options when choosing your beer. Once you have chosen the craft beer that suites your pallet, Dacha has the option to “expand” your order in their own unique way. They offer a boot sized glass to serve your beer. This boot is not only guaranteed to put you in a good mood, but also comes with its own unique Dacha touch.
          The beer garden is offering lots of specials due to yesterday marking the beginning of the Spring Fest! This Spring Fest is Washington DC’s take on Oktoberfest. It will last all the way to May 8th. Dacha is offering a featured beer from Weihenstephan, “The World’s Oldest Brewery,” called Kristall Weizenbock.
            According to Dacha, Weihenstephan rarely makes this beer and Dacha is the only location in D.C. where you will find it. Spring Fest is inaugurated by the first day of Frühlingsfest — also known as Little Oktoberfest. Such a great event for the nation’s capital deserves the special treat of their own special crafted beer.
            The beer prices range from $8 to $18. Although their prices are on the higher side for beer, they’re worth it. Their pints are about 13 inches tall and will last for as long as you desire. The atmosphere welcomes you with open arms. Plus, they’re pet friendly, making it an ideal place to enjoy a beer with your furry friend.
            The best time to go is from 4 to 10 p.m., but on weekends they’re open all day. It’s a great place to enjoy the spring breeze plus the rays of sunshine which can only mean summer is approaching, which is always a reason to celebrate with a well-crafted beer.

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