Dave Chappelle vs. The PC Lynch Mob

by Stephen Calandrino
After nearly a decade out of the public eye, Dave Chappelle has made his triumphant return to comedy.  His two-new hour long specials have been universally praised by critics and fans alike, including legions of new fans that were too young to remember him in his heyday, when his “one man” The Chappelle Show presented the first credible sketch comedy alternative to the Goliath of Saturday Night Live since SCTV ended in 1984.  Whether he chooses to return to TV or stick to stand up, it is safe to say Chappelle is back. Not everyone is thrilled, however.   Anyone remotely familiar with Chappelle’s work would know he’s never been afraid to joke about controversial topics, and his latest specials are no exception.  By doing this, however, Chappelle has made enemies with many SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) who claim that his material is in one way or another ‘triggering,’ and have attacked him since the specials came out.
Allow me to take this moment to address anyone who was offended by Dave Chappelle: Grow up! Those who are offended by anything Chappelle or any other comedian said has a disturbing lack of understanding of how comedy works.  It’s not like a speech from a politician, whose goal is to make his audience take what he is saying seriously.  In fact, a comedian’s job is the opposite; to make the audience laugh at his statements, even when talking about sensitive topics like terrorism or race.  Now, it is perfectly fine for someone to not like a comedian’s sense of humor.   But to say that they should have to censor themselves for the sake of others is nothing short of fascism.
The criticism of Chappelle also shows the ignorance of those in the PC Lynch Mob.  Dave Chappelle has done more to fight racism than anyone in Black Lives Matter could ever hope to do.  In addition to his prolific charity work, Dave Chappelle could bring up race in a way everyone, black or white, could understand.  He also famously walked away from a lucrative sitcom deal after producers demanded he “whitewash” the cast.
Chappelle is not the first comedian to be targeted by the PC Lynch Mob.  Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Chelsea Peretti, Jim Norton, Joe Praino, Andy Ruther, Bill Burr, Roseanne Barr, Kaitlin Olson, Tim Allen, Kat Williams, Bill Maher, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Jim Jefferies are only a handful of comedians that SJWs have targeted for their material.  Fortunately, most comedians have showed no signs of giving in to the demands of Social Justice Warriors, and have continued to practice their craft freely.
To sum it all up, the people who criticize Chappelle and other comedians are the same people who jumped down Trump’s throat for everything he said, and are also the reason he won.  People are sick of the PC Lynch Mob telling them what to think and say, and that’s why the public gravitates towards those willing to stand up to them.

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