A Face of CUA

by Weston Kirby
I am a Korean, Italian, Irish, and French American. But the words we use to define ourselves should not be the only measure of what makes us unique. If our individual diversity is solely what we pride ourselves on, then we are not being honest. If we follow in the footsteps of Dr. King, however, then we ought to be judged on our character — on our ideas — and on our contributions to the community we call home: The Catholic University of America. This SGA election is equally about diversity as it is on individual character and effective ideas. I submit that every candidate is of great character, and each wants to better the CUA community. But the only campaign that is not running on empty platitudes and catchy videos is that of Aaron Mackisey and Jimmy Harrington. They are the only ticket with concrete ideas on ways they can improve the already amazing community we call home, and I am glad to call them friends as they have proved to be great mentors in the SGA Senate. Their entire campaign is about practical student issues — about voicing all sides of our CUA campus. After all, neither Aaron nor Jimmy are politics majors. They do not seek election for their own political gain, but run for this office so they may advocate for the well-being of CUA and the good of the individual student. Aaron is the first Senator to represent the School of Music, while Jimmy is an economics and mathematics major, giving them a unique perspective on what really affects CUA students. When elected, Aaron and Jimmy will fight for safety, inclusion, and general student life improvements. They have a plan to diversify CUA, including the creation of a Center for Diversity and Inclusion, and implementing a Safe Zone program is a top priority of theirs. These policy ideas and many others can be found on their website (yourvoiceyourcua.com), which is constantly rolling out comprehensive plans and updates for such policies. As members and leaders in the SGA Senate since their freshman year, Aaron and Jimmy are extremely familiar with CUA’s administration and the inner-workings of the university. They are undoubtedly the most prepared to sit across the table with President Garvey and Provost Abela to address the needs of the student body. The two come from different parts of campus life: a music major and economics major — a performer and an orientation advisor — both student employees and both highly involved and dedicated to the CUA community. So, come election day, no matter your background or your interests, trust that Aaron Mackisey and Jimmy Harrington will fight for you. They have done it in the Senate, and they will do it in the Executive.

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