Russian Hackers and Media Hacks

By Stephen Calandrino

You think Russia is the biggest problem the United States faces today?  The 1980s are now calling and asking for their foreign policy back.

Is that a bit harsh?  Don’t look at me, that’s just what former (thank God) President Barack Obama said to failed presidential candidate (thank God again) Mitt Romney in 2012 when Romney said that Russia was our number one threat.

Fast forward to today, it appears “It was the Russians!”  has become 2017’s “my dog ate my homework,”.  While neither statement ever comes with the slightest bit of genuine evidence, those who claim it to be true will go to the grave just as adamant.  The unfortunate difference, however, is that “It was the Russians!” has also become the unofficial slogan of the Democratic Party, and a justification for a massive witch hunt.  Democrat’s did manage to get a scalp in the form of the National Security Advisor, decorated Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who also happened to be one of the few registered Democrats within President Trump’s administration.  Unfortunately for Lieutenant General Flynn, his crime wasn’t something forgivable like sending thousands of classified info through a private server or pushing a half-cocked war to destabilize a nation or region.  No, what Lieutenant Flynn did was the highest of high crimes: calling some Russian guy (shocked gasps).

Recall, however, that when Flynn sent the call in December; the Obama administration, the Democratic Party, and Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Warmonger (Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham) were saber rattling over the remote possibility that Russia may or may not have been responsible for the leak of Hillary Clinton’s emails.  Note that this was back when Democrats considered leaks to be on par with murder, before they started loving them on January 20th, 2017, give or take a day.  More likely than not, Flynn was playing damage control for the credibility we lost from senior government officials spouting conspiracy theories.

However, the media (your humble correspondent excluded, of course) didn’t care about the truth.  They just cared about discrediting the Trump administration by tying them to the evil Russian boogeyman.  However, there lies the hypocrisy of the entire situation.  Yes, our relationship with Russia isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy, despite Hillary Clinton pressing the magical reset button, which looked like it was stolen from the abandoned set of a low budget 50s’ gameshow.  But Russia is also not considered a rogue state, and didn’t even crack the list in Obama’s Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015, which the Left universally agreed with until Trump used the exact same list.

The situation becomes more laughable when you look at other nations that we call ‘allies’.  In Saudi Arabia, women need a man’s permission to leave the house.  In China, forced abortions are performed regularly.  In Turkey, you can go to jail for making fun of the president.  Even in Western nations like the Netherlands and France, you can go to jail for making a joke that is deemed ‘too offensive’.  Do they share our values too?

But then again, Putin arrested Pussy Riot, so he must be Lucifer incarnate.  Right?

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