Pro-Choice Respects Protest by Katie Hodgdon Class of 2019


Despite being pro-choice, I believe that the March for Life is important. Do not get me wrong, I oppose what the March for Life stands for, however, I believe that it is critical. I believe that people should stand up for what they believe in, even if it is not what I believe. I do not think that others should mandate another’s right to their own body. I know that some will bring into the discussion that, well, after conception, it’s not only your body that is at stake. I think that the March for Life is a key example of the American people’s right to assemble.


As American citizens, it is critical that we practice our civic duty. If we oppose the government’s decision on an issue, it is our responsibility to take to the streets and let them know. The people are another check-and-balance. The will of the people, known as public opinion, is probably the most powerful check and balance. Checks and balances are put into place to prevent one branch of the government becoming too strong. However, this check and balance system is put into place to prevent the government as a whole from becoming too strong. The First Amendment states that we have the freedom of assembly, and I urge those who wish to practice that freedom to do so. Just as I went to the Women’s March on Washington, if you believe you should, please, go ahead and participate in the March for Life. As a pro-choice student on CUA’s campus, I know I reside in the minority.


I am part of the movement has been in place since the 1973 Supreme Court ruling. One large misconception about the pro-choice movement that I have found especially pertinent on CUA’s campus is the idea that we believe all people should have abortions, no matter when in the pregnancy the mother wishes to abort. This is false. Many pro-choice women that I have spoken to have said that they themselves would never get an abortion. They simply believe in a woman’s right to choose and the right to her own body. I disagree with the March for Life because I am pro-choice. In spite of this, I agree with one’s right to participate in the March for Life because I believe in the American ideal of voicing your opinion, and taking to the streets in a peaceful protest.

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