Catholic University Prepares for the 58th Inauguration

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Catholic University Prepares for the 58th Inauguration

By: Christopher Motola

      As Donald Trump is set to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on Friday, Catholic University students are all marking the occasion in their own different ways. Many students and professors have plans to travel to the National Mall Friday morning in order to view the ceremony.

      Thursday, President-Elect Trump and Vice President-Elect Pence attended a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Later on in the evening, the two attended the ‘Make America Great Again’ Concert in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

      The Inauguration ceremonies commenced Friday morning at 11:00 AM, where Trump and Pence were sworn in. The event will be followed by the Inaugural Parade. In the evening, the newly sworn in President and Vice President will attend the ‘Liberty and Freedom Ball’ at the Washington Convention Center and then the Military Ball at the National Building Museum.

      The student community is split on their feelings about the Inauguration. Mark Tocchio, a freshman, did not support President Elect Trump during the election, but is “open to him being President,” and will be attending the Inauguration. Ryan Johannes, a freshman management major, sees Donald Trump as “a man who has a lot to prove, but inspired millions to put the country back on the right track,” and he hopes that Trump “proves the critics wrong.”

      Maura Drumm, President of Catholic University’s College Democrats, said that “there is a difference between respecting the office and respecting the person,” and although she respects the results of the election itself, “Donald Trump, the person, has to earn my respect by proving himself while he is in office.” Drumm also looked to the future and provided an insight into the role of Democrats under an incoming Republican Presidency: “we must make it clear to our new President that we will not accept a reversal of the progress America has made in the past eight years.”

      CUA College Democrats also plan on attending the Women’s March on Washington, a protest march that will take place on Saturday the 21st. According to the march’s website, the purpose of the march is to “stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families,” and to advocate for women’s “parity and equity at all levels of leadership in society.” Catholic University students will have a large presence at the Women’s March. Katie Hodgdon, a sophomore politics major, is eager to attend the march. “I am so excited for the women’s march! Women in our society have made many strides recently, but we have so far to go, and I am so proud to be participating in such a historic event.”

      Catholic University’s College Republicans “are excited for the Inauguration of President Donald Trump that will take place just a few metro stops away from campus,” President Brianna Howard said. “We will continue to pray for our President elect and enjoy the incredible events that are unfolding around us in the nation’s capital. I have continued to be impressed by the number of College Republicans from CUA that have been working, interning, and volunteering to make this Inauguration a success.”

      Catholic University students have the opportunity to use the 58th Presidential Inauguration, a landmark historical event, to engage in our political system in an immediate and impactful way.

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