how to use mytoyfirst dildos

  1. Always, always use lube on both ends. Amanda says you want both ends of the dildo to penetrate smoothly, so if you find it difficult, just relax and add a little lube.
  2. double-sided dildos are not ideal for standing sex because of the presence of gravity. Amanda says that DSDs are definitely better when you’re lying down because it’s easier to get the dildo up and down instead of back and forth. Which makes sense when you think about it, because yes, of course the strap ons dildo will fall out from between your legs. Gravity hates dildo-infused stand-up sex.
  3. be forewarned. Being on top is definitely more tiring than being on top with a regular strap-on. Cassie says it takes more energy to top with a DSD because you not only have to focus on pleasing your partner, but also making sure the dildo stays in place, but she thinks the effort is worth it because “it feels so fucking good.”
  4. you may want to change the position of the dildo during sex because it’s just fun. Cassie says she and her wife switch positions in terms of who is the penetration driver, depending on their mood.” Usually one of us will specifically instigate by saying, ‘I want to fuck you,’ or, ‘I want to be fucked,'” Cassie says.” Most of the time, the other person is game.”
  5. If you want to change positions, you should clean up real quick. Amanda says it’s easy to switch from active to passive engagement, but also recommends cleaning your anal toys and relubricating the ends before switching positions to avoid infection.
  6. like all dildos, you need to keep that thing clean and/or use a condom. 33-year-old Victoria, host of the New York City sex podcast Livin’ and Lovin’, recommends using a condom on both sides because it makes cleanup easier and adds lubrication, plus it reduces the risk of STD transmission if you switch sides. The ones she uses, she says, are meant to be boiled in the dishwasher or run in “sanitized mode,” but if you live with a roommate, boiling can be awkward, especially if you’ve forgotten to do it before and have to ask your sex partner to hold on to your dildo for a second while you go to boil it.
  7. you can masturbate with a double-sided dildo and have a blast. suzanne says a lot of people like DSDs because you don’t have to reach that far to hold the dildo, making it like there’s a perfectly angled handle, and if you do get up in there, there’s a lot less chance of hand cramps.
  8. you might be shocked by how great it feels (cool question, I know). Cassie says she can’t believe how great it is to have sex with a double-sided dildo, and that she “feels like a 14-year-old boy blowing his load after a few thrusts” because she comes so quickly. If you’re not excited to try it now, I don’t know what else I need to say.
  9. don’t be afraid to masturbate! Good Vibrations sex educator and resident sex expert Dr. Carol Quinn says that if you’re using a double-sided dildo whose bulb stays inside one partner, deciding who’s going to do the moving may take some getting used to.” Pushing toward each other may work,” she explains. But don’t be afraid to grab it in the middle and add some movement and stability that way.
  10. not all double-sided dildos are created equal. coco cameron, a sex expert at lovehoney, says there are different types within the broad category of double-sided dildos. For solo play, you can try the Lovehoney Mini Double Penetration Dildo, which has a slightly smaller end for anal play. For couples, Coco recommends the Hoodlum double dildo, which is shaped and sized for beginners.
  11. Adding Vibrations Lisa, a sex educator at Babeland, has this to say, “Even if there’s some sliding or a need to reposition, the constant buzzing will keep the good feelings going.” Lisa recommends the Fun Factory Sharevibe, which is specially designed to hit all the right spots in the vagina and has extra ridges to hit the wearer’s clitoris. Or, you can upgrade any non-vibrating double-sided dildo by putting a vibrating penis ring on one or both ends!
  12. Check each other out. As with all things sexual, it’s always a good idea to communicate. Using a double-ended toy takes some skill, and taking the guesswork out of it by communicating with your partner is a great way to speed up the process,” says Lisa. Things may feel great for one partner while the other’s feet fall asleep because the toy is pushing you both into crazy positions.” Some awkward fumbling is bound to happen, but if you communicate with your partner, you may both end up having a really good time.

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