University Hires New Dean of School of Business and Economics

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Bill Bowman, new dean of the School of Business and Economics at The Catholic University of America.

By Paige Wearmouth

Newly appointed dean of the School of Business and Economics, Bill Bowman, intends to encourage fundraising for the rapidly expanding school. The Catholic University announced on April 5th the appointment of Dean Bowman, who will begin his work this August.

Bowman graduated with honors as an engineering student from Northwestern University. He earned an M.B.A from the Harvard Business School.

Bowman is currently the CEO and president of a consulting group in Boston called Core Values Group LLC. He was previously the president and CEO of US Inspect, a building inspection company in Virginia and president of ChildrenFirst Inc., a national leading provider of childcare for corporations. Bowman has over 25 years of experience in business.

Bowman helped to found a day school for girls in Massachusetts called the Montrose School. Additionally, he has helped to found several educational software companies including Spinnaker Software Corporation and Logal Software Inc.

According to the email sent to the Catholic University community announcing Bowman’s appointment part of his job at the university will entail leading promotion and development for the School of Business and Economics.

Bowman said that he expected fundraising to be a large part of his job. He also said that the School of Business and Economics was already seeing a lot of growth, which creates a larger need for funds.

“Because the school is growing so quickly there really is an enormous need to raise money,” Bowman said.

Bowman plans to help implement the goals of President John Garvey and Provost Andrew Abela. He also said that he does not yet know if he will be working towards getting the School of Business and Economics accredited.

For Bowman, Catholic values are very important in business. He believes that these values will help to bring in donors to the school.

“Imagine a business that incorporated what the church suggests. It would really be a pretty neat business,” Bowman said. “It would be person centered. Businesses that really focus on people tend to be more profitable.”

Bowman said that he is excited to work at a Catholic institution because businesses that are run with Catholic values in mind have employees that are able to “make decisions about their own work,” and executives and shareholders that see themselves as “stewards of wealth, not the owners of wealth.”

In the email announcing the addition of Bowman to Catholic University’s faculty, President Garvey said he was happy to have Bowman in the position as dean.

“Bill Bowman has achieved great success while living out his faith in the business world. We look forward to working with him as he brings his talents, experience, and values into his new role as dean of the School of Business and Economics,” Garvey said.

Bowman said his appointment to the position of dean of Catholic University’s School of Business and Economics is “a really great honor.”

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