A Letter to the Editors

Guest Commentary
Brian Keany
Class of 2003

To the Editor:-

While I would like to believe that tales of my exploits on campus are still being told nearly 15 years after I graduated, I don’t think there are many on campus who can still remember me, at least not fondly.

I, however, still refer to my time at CUA as the best four years of my life. While I may be legendary, I never thought of myself as mythical. Yet that is how the editors of the Tower, a publication where my name once appeared in the staff box, have referred to me: one of those mythical generous people that exist on the other side of an anonymous postcard.

The checks I write may not be large enough to get my name on a building, but it’s not because I don’t care. If I could afford to give more, I gladly would. Why? Because I love CUA. If they would let me, I would start over again tomorrow as a freshman.

After four years, I left with more than just an education. I had tremendous experiences that can’t be counted, friends I hold to this day, and, most importantly, I am a much better person and a better Catholic because of the time I spent on Michigan Avenue.

It is troubling to read that the editors of the Tower are not enjoying their time there half as much as I did. I would be worried about the state of my dear old alma mater, but the Tower staff was a cynical bunch when I was there, too.

More troubling is that the editors appear to be ungrateful for the checks I and countless other alumni write each year. If that is the case, there are plenty of other worthy causes where my money would be much more appreciated. If you don’t want my donations, perhaps I will start sending them elsewhere. Let’s see how much you like it there when you actually are paying for your entire stay.

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