Chicago and Trump

Guest Commentary
Chris Motola
Class of 2017

Last week’s anti-Trump riot in Chicago was a complete disaster. Both police and Trump supporters were assaulted, American flags were trampled, and Soviet flags were flown. Guns fired into the air. Trump was forced to cancel his planned rally that evening due to safety concerns. It was a disgraceful spectacle. Yet for some inexplicable reason, the media has found a way to blame Donald Trump for the chaos. The often parroted line being that Trump’s rhetoric is too “divisive” or “hateful”. This is insanity. Even if Trump’s beliefs were racist and hateful (which they aren’t), there are no words or beliefs that act as a justification for violence. The media’s coverage of the riot is especially ludicrous when its true origins are considered. No, this was not a spontaneous protest by civic minded youth. The violent riots in Chicago were actively planned by Bernie Sanders supporters, Black Lives Matter activists, and George Soros funded, which helped provide mass produced signs and banners for the rioters. They were even joined by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. What a wholesome guy. These people got the result they wanted. Even if you dislike Trump, flip the scenario. Trump supporters assault Sanders supporters, attack police, and then blame Sanders. How would the media respond? I doubt the media response would be as forgiving. In the end, people can cry “Hitler!” and “fascist!” like incessant children all they would like, but the ones orchestrating violence and creating fear will always be the real bullies.

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