Morpheus Q XVI – October 30, 2015


Ahh, finally! Time to carve ornage jack-o-lanterns, eat mounds of candy, like chocolate bars and Mary Janes, maybe smoke a little Mary Jane… Time to teepee houses (or The House), egg passing cars, watch horror films, play tricks, and push priets from high windows! Oh yes, the spookiest day of the year, Morpheus’ favorite holiday, the ancient festival of Samhain, Halloween. Especially on CU’s campus, Halloween is a fright and fills weekly gossip with legends of the old days at CU. Fantastical stories you little children hear of famous Exorcism Rooms and ghostly priests stalking the halls, creating the clack-clack-clack noise on the marble steps keep you up at night. “Oh, it’s only a rumor!” everyone always says. “It’s not real!”
Oh, but it just might be. Or maybe it’s just the wind howling, or the branches scraping up the sides of your dark window at night. It might just be the RA walking along in the halls at 3AM, or even the faulty air conditioning system creating that growing chill in the room in the quiet night. It might be, but, then again, it might not.
Aside from the other ghosts and demons watching on campus, Morpheus has done his weekly rounds. Here are his notes for the week:

‘Ole Morph heard the strangest rumor this week! It appears that all the copies of The Tower have gone missing from the Edward J. Pryzbyla Center. Morpehus should have tried to stop the perpetrator!

Ms. St. Amant, where were you on the night of Benghazi?

Morpheus has been witness to many “walks of shame,” but the story he is about to share with you conquers all others in comparison. ‘Ole Morph remembers the glory days of college, and wants to applaud the young man leaving Regan Hall last week early in the morning through a bottom floor window. It gets better though: the young man was in nothing but boxer briefs, dashing like a mad dog back to Flather Hall. Remember, kiddies, Morpheus sees all, even when he doesn’t want to. PS- don’t forget leg day.

Last Sunday, like any good practicing Catholic, Morpheus attended Mass. He usually attends the Basilica celebrations, but this week Morph was feeling young, and decided to attend a 9:00PM Mass at St. Vinny’s. It was truly a lovely experience and Father Jude’s homily really spoke to the inner workings of Morpheus’ soul. Father Jude was right — posting anonymous comments on Yik Yak is terrible. If one has something to say, they should be upfront and not hide behind a mask. With that said, Morpheus has decided to share his true identity. It is me, Gus. Woof.

Morpheus sincerely hopes your Halloween is swell. May your belly be full with candy and sweet apple cider, and your night filled with tricks and terror.

Signed, Morpheus Q .

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