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Every university has staple organizations. There is a university newspaper, College Democrats and Republicans, and more often than not, a student government.

The student government at Catholic University, the Student Government Association (SGA) deserves attention, and for all the wrong reasons.

Since the beginning of SGA, the voting procedures for the young organization have been surrounded in controversy. Stories of candidates entering residence halls and standing over students while they voted have been heard many-a-time.

Recently, it has been brought to the attention of many on campus the controversial voting procedures for the Senate, and even Treasury Board of SGA. When confronted about this issue, SGA stands nervous. Why?

The story in question revolves around the rumor that the Executive Board hand validated each and every vote. While the elections were a month ago, and a Mr. James Benedek, the Vice President of SGA, claims that this not news, it is.

Americans are still talking about the Watergate Scandal.

Because of the nervous action and nature of SGA, one cannot help but to wonder if something is being hidden.

To verbally assault members of a university press for completing their job seems odd. Further, if members of SGA plan to further their poltical careers, they should expect journalists to come knocking.

In regards to the Treasury Board, which is appointed by, literally, the hand-picked senate, deliberations and voting are now private.

There are many other problems with SGA. Let’s be honest, “diverse” is not a term used when describing their organization. Many members failed to make an appearance at the Diversity Task Force event last week, which is headed by SGA.

Frankly, the Diversity Task Force deserves an apology from SGA. Having a student government disregard an event centered on diversity on campus is disgraceful.

It is becoming apparent that SGA, stereotypically, like many government organizations, has an issue with transparecny.

SGA is concerned with guns on campus, not its students. For an organization that is supposed to represent its people, it fails.

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