Stand with Rand

CUA Students for Rand encourage students at Catholic University to vote for Rand Paul

By Bill Dowhy

I remember the day I became a Rand Paul supporter just like it was yesterday. The year was 2011 and I was sitting in my AP government class listening to my high school teacher drone on about the issues that our country was facing: an increasing national debt, a student loan crisis, prison incarceration rates skyrocketing, etc. I didn’t care. While I found politics interesting, I didn’t see how voting would make much of a difference given that my voice would be drowned out by the millions of other voters. My classmates, I imagined, felt the same way.  As class went on, I learned that people in their 20’s rarely turned out for elections anymore despite the fact that they had the best knowledge to fix the issues that move the country forward.  But that was not always the case. The founding fathers had over a dozen members who were under the age of 30. The Civil Rights movement was fueled by activism in universities throughout the US.  And yet, our generation was asleep. That was when I realized I had to get involved. We have to be the ones to make a difference because no one else will.
Make no mistake – our nation is in a crisis. Comcast threatens net neutrality. Our government collects all of your private text messages and pictures – and it’s only one angry contractor away from releasing it all as public information to your friends, family, and the whole world to see (Don’t believe me? Read about Edward Snowden or the Ashley Madison hack). Young kids from poor families are being jailed for five or ten years for smoking pot. Students are being forced into signing predatory student loans that cause us to pay debt until our 40’s. We all know these issues are serious. They affect us every day. We have the power to stop it.
The thing is, most politicians don’t care about your issues. Jeb Bush doesn’t. Neither does Hillary Clinton. But Rand Paul does – fixing every single one of these issues is part of his platform. That’s why Students for Rand is the largest youth organization out of any other Presidential candidate in the country. So get involved. Join CUA Students for Rand by emailing us at Together we will make a difference and make the youth vote count.

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