First Diversity Task Force Event a Success

dress to impressBy Katherine Lally

A nervous excitement filled the air as students representing different countries from all over the world began to line up ready to strut their stuff on the catwalk at the Dress to Express Fashion Show on Saturday, October 17th at 4pm.

Different cultural organizations volunteered for the Student Government Association’s (SGA) first event run by the new Diversity Task Force. Organizations that were represented include the Black Student Alliance, the Student Organization of Latinos, the CUA Gaels, the Filipino Organization of Catholic University Students, the German Club, and the Spanish Club.

About fourteen different countries had representatives modeling their traditional clothing. Each model looked beautiful and unique as they represented countries such as Liberia, Columbia, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and many others.

The event was run by Diversity Task Force member Kately Javier, a junior Politics major.

Javier, along with other members of the Diversity Task Force, spent countless hours preparing for this long awaited event.

The Diversity Task Force tried to create hype for the event by designing a poster advertisement featuring Neyda Morales in a traditional Columbian dress. A banner was also hung in the student center and a Facebook event was created in anticipation for the event.

The Dress to Express event was a beautiful event that truly did bring together different ethnicities of the CUA community. The event began with a prayer and a speech about diversity both on campus and throughout the world by Reverend Eric de la Pena.

What was most shocking about this event was the lack of representation from SGA. The only member present throughout the entire event was Chris Mulchaey, Treasurer of SGA.

The Dress to Express fashion show was not only an event coordinated by the Diversity Task Force, but it was the first event ever coordinated by the organization, which is run under SGA.

The lack of SGA representation at their diversity event, seems it should be more of a concern for SGA then simply creating a Diversity Task Force and expecting diversity to follow.

For those that did attend Dress to Express, they experienced a colorful display of culture and fun. Each model strutted with pride and grace following the flag of the country they were representing.

Cami Estrada, another student at Catholic University, wore one of the most memorable pieces modeled at the event. Estrada represented Bolivia in a traditional men’s outfit. The outfit was completely covered in purple sequin-like circles that made her shine on stage.

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