“Chaplains” to Premier at Catholic University

Martin Doblmeier’s documentary film explores the lives of those willing to risk everything for those who need faith most.

By Antoinette Cea

On Thursday, September 10th, the Catholic University of America will be hosting a movie event featuring Martin Doblmeier’s documentary film, “Chaplains,” in the Great Room of the Edward J. Pryzbyla Center.

“Chaplains” provides audiences with a view of the world from a Chaplains perspective on helping all people in their designated institution, religious or not.

“People have a very traditional way of living out their faith,” said Doblmeier. “Chaplains, I think, is a different outlet of how you can live out your faith. I think it’s a very different kind of environment from anything else. When you’re a Chaplain working in a prison, the warden decides on everything that goes on. In a hospital or the military, it’s the same thing. You’re a part of a larger secular institution. In that community you represent spirituality. I think this is how the real world is.”

“Chaplains” depict the lives of Chaplains from a variety of different religions including Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Protestantism. The Chaplains featured in the film, both men and women, work in many different institutions ranging from the military, to prisons, factories, United States Government offices, children’s hospitals, police departments, Hollywood, and even NASCAR.

Doblmeier began making the documentary film in 1983 and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies from Providence College and a Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University.

“I just genuinely loved the journey,” said Doblmeier. “I loved the notion of thinking about this aspect of my life. The engagement with people, and for me, I’ve grown quite comfortable asking the big questions knowing I may never know the answer. I think it’s even fulfilling to ask these questions for your soul. I don’t think it’s healthy to let them sit and fester. It’s important to try. People have been asking these questions since the beginning.”

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